4 Florida Seafood Restaurants That Serve Locally Caught Produce

Posted on May 5th, by admin in Lifestyle.

4 Florida Seafood Restaurants That Serve Locally Caught Produce

When it comes to tasty seafood, Florida really has an abundance of riches. The local fishing industry plays an integral role in daily life, and that means there is a constant supply of fresh fish leaving the boats of local fishermen every day. The fruitful waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are teeming with thousands of fish species, and these four luxury restaurants in the Sunshine State make the very best use of them.

Area 31, Miami
This stunning eatery takes its name from the famous Fishing Area 51 that includes the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. There are over 30 delightful fish dishes on the menu, which can be enjoyed while looking out on stunning views of the surrounding ocean. All of this restaurant’s produce is caught in local seas, so you can expect the culinary creations at Area 31 to be deliciously fresh. And if that’s not impressive enough, there is a rooftop terrace lounge that is perfect for enjoying a few pre-dinner cocktails against the backdrop of the South Florida coastline. Make sure you try the house specialty — Grilled Swordfish served with pea shoots and a chorizo salsa.

Joe’s Stone Crab, Miami Beach
Famed throughout Miami for its vast range of crab dishes, Joe’s Stone Crab is a true institution in South Florida. This family owned eatery has been serving locally caught seafood for over one hundred years, and it has a reputation for delivering top-notch service in a relatively relaxed dining environment. If you want to get a true flavor of all that the oceans have to offer, try the Seafood Cioppino. This hearty dish includes crab, mussels, shrimp, lobster and clams — all straight from the Florida coastline. Among the illustrious list of celebrity patrons who have walked through the doors of Joe’s are Frank Sinatra, Dan Marino and Muhammad Ali.

Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille, Ft. Lauderdale
The Wild Sea Oyster Bar and Grille can be found in the historic Riverside Hotel right in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Everything on the menu is locally sourced, and there is a commitment to sourcing only organic fruits and vegetables, too. The ambience is generally relaxed, and there is always a “catch of the day” to tantalize your taste buds. The menu changes with the seasons, but a popular dish that is always on offer is the two-pound Maine lobster, served with a creamy blue cheese stuffing.

Sea, Lauderdale by the Sea
Located on Lauderdale By The Sea, Sea is a contemporary seafood restaurant that specializes in truly original plates of food. A constant re-imagining of the menu means things never get boring at this renowned eatery. You can eat here Monday through Thursday and never see the same dish twice; whatever is available from the ocean is served up in style for diners. Tony Sindaco is the head chef at Sea, and his culinary creations look just as fantastic as they taste. Keep an eye out for some of Sea’s specialties, as they come and go according to what is coming off the local fishermen’s boats. Particularly popular are the crab crusted mahi, the braised black grouper and the Florida snapper — all caught on the day they are served.

Florida quite simply has some of the most stunning luxury seafood restaurants in the world — the perfect destination for a vacation if you’re passionate about food.