4 Patio Accessories to Make Your Home a Luxury Outdoor Paradise

Posted on June 4th, by admin in Lifestyle.

4 Patio Accessories to Make Your Home a Luxury Outdoor Paradise

Having a patio at your home is a luxurious perk, and it’s a great space to use for entertaining or relaxing in the sun. If you have a patio at your house, you can add some opulent features that will make it even more enjoyable and comfortable. For some ideas of great luxurious patio accessories, check out the list below.

Restoration Hardware Fire Table

The Mendocino Natural Gas Round Fire Table from Restoration Hardware is one of the ultimate patio accessories for any climate. The fire table comes in a sleek, modern style, so it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the surrounding environment. The pit itself is heat-resistant concrete, so it’s safe. Additionally, it has a weather resistant cover to protect it when it’s not in use. The table is controlled by a battery operated ignition, so it’s simple to get going, and it also has an adjustable flame control, so you can choose how big and high you want the fire to be. The table can heating area naturally, which makes it great to use on cool fall or winter nights.

SunBrite Outdoor Television

If you’re a big fan of movies, television, or sports game, adding a television to your patio can make it feel like paradise. This outdoor television from SunBrite is an HDTV device, that is able to be used in both the sun and shade. The television has a 65 inch screen and it is made from a powder-coated aluminum so that it does not rust or malfunction in humidity, rain, salty air, snow, sun, excess heat, or anything else the weather might throw at it. The television comes with a two year warranty so it’s protected in case anything happens to it in the first two years, and it has a remote control that you can use to change channels, so you don’t have to get up when you’re busy sunning or socializing.

Restoration Hardware Spartan Daybed

Also from Restoration Hardware is the Spartan Daybed, which provides the ultimate comfort and respite from the sun on a patio. The large daybed is made from a sturdy steel frame, so it can withstand any natural elements, it has an overhead canopy to shield loungers from the sun. The cushion on the bed is 5 inches thick, and thus soft and plush to lie on, and it can easily fit three people on it at once. There are more than 123 fabric choices for the pillows, so you can choose a material of your style and liking. Also, the foam that makes up the material of the bed is quick drying, so it won’t mildew in the rain.

LifeSmart 7 Person Hot Tub

This seven person hot tub from LifeSmart is an excellent addition to any patio that doesn’t have room for a full-size spa, but could still benefit from the added luxury of having a hot tub. The hot tub can be used in warm and cool weather and it’s a great way to utilize outdoor space, even when it’s winter. The company includes an Ozone system to keep water disinfected, as well as six color LED lights to change up the hot tub’s look and style.