5-Star Restaurants in Florida

Posted on May 1st, by admin in Lifestyle.

5-Star Restaurants in Florida

Nothing makes an occasion more special than a meal in an elegant restaurant. In the right setting, an meal transforms into an exquisite gastronomic delight, and part of an experience that will be remembered for years. Florida offers a plethora of high-quality restaurants for diners seeking an extraordinary, luxurious experience.

Bern’s Steak House

If you’re feeling romantic and searching for a venue for an intimate meal that’ll satisfy the palette, Bern’s Steak House is the place to go. Begin the meal with one of this steak house’s delicious salads topped with oranges, pistachio-crusted goat cheese, and a tangy cranberry-vinaigrette dressing. A pair of lobster tails can be enjoyed by each guest, along with caramelized potato tarts and roasted pumpkin crepes. This unforgettable meal will end with a slice of Bern’s melt-in-your-mouth carrot cake. The dress code is business-casual to semi-formal and it is recommended that you make reservations.

Laughing Cat Bistro

This popular restaurant is reminiscent of a European bistro, and offers authentic, homemade, gourmet Italian food in a fun and upscale, yet laid-back setting. A favorite dish of many Laughing Cat Bistro patrons is the Melanzana Rollatini, which is comprised of eggplant stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese, and topped with basil and tomato. Even dishes that sound perfectly ordinary — such as spaghetti primavera and bruschetta — are elevated to new heights at this luxurious eatery. Oenophiles will relish this restaurant’s wine list, which features a number of Italian selections that pair perfectly with every delectable dish.

Six Tables

Six Tables immerses dinner guests in elegance from the moment they are seated. Imagine an unforgettable meal that starts out with an antique crystal glass filled with champagne. Your meal continues through six luscious courses, each of which is prepared and presented by renowned Richard Bottini, Six Tables’ owner and chef. The restaurant can also be rented for private occasions. Even though the menu changes daily, the specialties of the house include veal chop, roasted duckling, and venison loin. Other recommendations are the cheese plate and lobster bisque.

Cafe Boulud

Cafe Boulud is located in the historic Brazilian Court Hotel and Beach Club, which sits near the gorgeous beaches and hustle-and-bustle of Worth Avenue. With many different delectable and delicious dishes to choose from, this restaurant is frequented by many people who are looking for a fine dining experience unlike any other. With entrees such as pan roasted snowy grouper and suckling pig basquaise, this is the place for diners who want to bathe their taste buds in luxury. With choices such as oh-so-Florida Key Lime Revival (a limey panna cotta graham cracker streusel with a decadent mojito sorbet) and Warm Upside Down (a chocolate souffle accompanied by pistachio ice cream), dessert is a must here.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a random evening meal, these luxurious restaurants epitomize high-quality Florida dining. With appetizers that melt in your mouth, innovative dessert options, and perfectly executed classic dishes, these dining establishments can satisfy even the most discerning food critic.