Boca Raton’s Best Upscale Jewelry

Posted on October 16th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Boca Raton’s Best Upscale Jewelry

Boca Raton is undeniably one of Florida’s best upscale beach destinations. From lovely suburban living to stunning white sand beaches, Boca Raton is an outstanding place both to live and vacation. The town is packed full of entertainment – from excellent restaurants like New York Prime to golfing at Osprey Point. One of the city’s best attributes, too, is its shopping. There are numerous places to buy new clothing and housewares in town, from local boutiques to large-scale malls with international chains.

Clothes shopping isn’t the only great shopping option in Boca Raton. In fact, the town is also a great place to buy jewelry. The city is home to some stunning jewelry shops. Some specialize in diamonds, while others focus on gold, but all of these luxurious shops specialize in selling fine, upscale, high-quality products.

Raymond Lee

Since 1983, Raymond Lee Jewelers has been one of Boca’s most outstanding jewelry retailers. One of the things that sets Raymond Lee apart is the sheer size of its store. The store is located in a 3,200 square foot showroom, which gives customers a chance to leisurely browse through and look at all of the inventory they might be interested in purchasing. Raymond Lee goes beyond just being a straightforward jewelry store – it’s also an impressive jewelry service center where customers can go to not only buy upscale jewelry, but have it appraised or repaired as well.

Jewels in Time

Of course, jewelry is usually thought of as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. But Jewels in Time in Boca Raton is the best place to go in the area if you’re looking for a fine upscale watch. The store sells watches from the world’s best designers, including brands like Chanel, Bvlgari, Breitling, Rolex, and more. You can look here to find antique, pre-owned pieces, or shop their collection of brand new, upscale designer watches. You can find other luxurious jewelry pieces at Jewels in Time, too, but the store is definitely the best place to come in town if you need a new timepiece. It’s consistently ranked the number one watch shop in the city by local polls and contests.

David Stern Fine Jewelry

If you’re looking for an intimate jewelry shopping experience and some personal attention, there’s no better place in Boca Raton than David Stern Fine Jewelry. The shop is run by one man, David Stern, who has been in the jewelry business since 1970. Stern is a renowned gemologist with years of professional training in the art and science of gems, so he understands what makes a piece of jewelry outstanding. David Stern is one of the best places to go in the Boca Raton area if you’re interested in purchasing diamond jewelry or jewelry featuring stones and gems. David Stern also sets himself apart because he is able to repair and restore precious stones in antique and contemporary jewelry. Choose David Stern Fine Jewelry if you’re looking for something flashy. Hardly understated or subtle, the store is best known for its bright, vibrant, and loud pieces.