Custom Doghouses for the Pampered Pooch

Posted on September 5th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Custom Doghouses for the Pampered Pooch

Animals are an important part of many families, and some even have insurance plans. The luxury market for pet products has exploded, but none is as impacting as is the luxury doghouse market. It is nothing now for pampered pet owners to spend an average of $25,000 for deluxe digs for their dogs. Some of these doggie abodes even feature heating/cooling systems, wall-to-wall carpet, lighting, and other superb amenities for the four-legged occupants. Those with an ecological-friendly stance may choose to power their animal’s homes with solar cells.

At one time dogs were considered separate parts of the family, and their accommodations usually consisted of a wooden box in the back yard. This was good enough for Snoopy. But in today’s world, Fi-Fi is considered one of the girls—part of the family—and her home can rival that of her humans. There is a difference between the cute, ornamental dog houses—made to look like common housing plans or famous structures—and the truly high-end canine homes.

Luxe doghouse design is often the domain of architects and home builders. Interior designers often like to be involved in their designs as well. Planning, designing and outfitting small-scale homes for dog allows for these professionals to experiment; this is a great outlet for creativity. These prototype models are typically sold in support of animal charities, such as adoption agencies and shelters.

These expensive dog houses serve a need for the purchaser, and the price is really not any different than spending the money on a diamond pendant. A few owners have even purchased handicap-accessible models for rescue dogs that they have adopted. Michelle Pollack is an interior designer who own a company named La Petite Maison. Although they are most known for their exquisite playhouses, a lot of their focus has turned to dog mansions.

The details are very important and their models even come with a painting of the canine resident. The average prices of their creations range from $5,000 to $6,000. She had designed a Mediterranean style doghouse for supermodel, Rachel Hunter. This structure included hand-painted walls featuring bones and paw prints. Her partner had wrought-iron light fixtures installed. The most intensive feature was the terra cotta flooring and tiles roof. Pollack estimates that this project cost Ms. Hunter around $16,000.

Architect Brian Pickard studied at Ohio State University. While there, he designed a doghouse for his parents’ chocolate lab, based on the work of a famous Swiss architect named Mario Botta. The New York Times featured it in a slideshow on their website titled, “Custom Doghouses, Fit for a King.”

As many luxurious options exist for pooched who barely ever go outside. For the longest time, pet owners had to deal with plastic or wire pet crates, and these could be covered by more aesthetically-pleasing wicker or wood enclosures. The luxury market has developed some options which don’t set the enclosed dogs aside from the rest of the family. One of the best for the discerning buyer is the BowHaus, which functions as a circular coffee table, but it can hold a dog on the inside.

One of the biggest up-and-comers in the scene is RockStar Puppy, an online company owned by Jessica Auria. Its website advertises custom pooch residences that go for up to $20,000. Celebrities are fond of them, and she has even constructed a model that has climate control accessible via iPad. However, her main claim-to-fame came when she created a doghouse for MTV’s Jersey Shore’s JWoww, as part of a marketing promotion. Featuring fabric drapes with pink, jeweled tiebacks, and a set of hot-pink dog beds, it now sells on the site for $12,000.

Just about any amenity and style that a person desires can be incorporated in miniature scale for his or her dogs. There are options that are ready to go, but it is always nice to be able to consult with an architect and have a custom doghouse designed from scratch. Pets are as unique as their owners, and deserve no less.