How a Balcony or Patio Garden Can Complete Your Home’s Look

Posted on March 13th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How a Balcony or Patio Garden Can Complete Your Home’s Look

A patio or balcony garden is an excellent way to liven up your living space and improve the look of your home, especially if you have a city residence. However, getting the design you want takes a little patience and planning. There are plenty of ways to approach a balcony or patio garden, but here are some of the best tips to get you started and ensure you have a garden that has the look you want for your home.

Consider Your Climate

First, think about the microclimate of your balcony or patio and build your garden design around this microclimate. Is your outdoor space mostly in shade or is it exposed to big doses of sun throughout the day? Do you live in a seasonal region or is it warm year round? Climate will have a big impact on what plants will grow on your balcony or patio, and how healthy your garden will ultimately look.

If you have plenty of sun, you might want to consider a garden that actually provides tasty treats. Think wild strawberries, ripe summer tomatoes, plump raspberries, and ivy-covered walls. It will give it a slightly wild, lush look that fills your balcony with life. For patios that see more shade, consider perennial flowers like bigroot geranium, toad lily, and hosta plants, which can add a splash of brightness to an otherwise shady area.

Create a Detailed Diagram

Draw out a diagram of your balcony or patio and plan space for your plants and outdoor furniture. This will help you visualize how your garden will look in the end. Create a chart with your desired plants, taking into consideration their moisture requirements, soil type, lighting needs, and required temperature range.

Choose a Mix Of Annuals And Perennials

Of course, you want your garden looking great year round. That’s why you should consider planting a mix of annuals and perennials. Enjoy annuals that produce fresh herbs like basil, rosemary and annual flowers like African marigold and angel’s trumpet. For the winter months, think about planting perennials like sweet flag and Italian arum that can add color to your balcony even when everything else seems gray.

Use Wall Flowers

All too often, balconies feature the same garden design, with a few simple pots and containers propped in the corners and along the edges of the balcony. Patios usually offer more space, but often feature the same design. Think about installing a wide array of wall containers that can add a profound layer of beauty to your outdoor garden. The New York Botanical Garden recently installed an orchid wall that looks amazing, and is worth emulating.

Arrange your plants in patterns that fit your taste and fill wall containers with orchids, ferns, and aerial rooting plants, and watch your garden walls come alive before your eyes. It’s worth knowing that a living garden wall featuring orchids requires a lot of upkeep, so it makes sense to hire someone who can keep your garden looking great year round.

Also consider hanging garden containers strategically around your balcony or patio. You don’t want your design to be too crowded, but a few here and there can add a nice touch.

Containers, Pots and Soil

Add containers and pots that work with the specific plants you have in your garden. It’s worth buying good quality terra cotta pots, as these will help improve drainage over standard plastic containers and pots. They also usually provide a better rustic and classic feel to your balcony or patio garden, giving it a luxury look that can’t be matched.

While all purpose potting soils work for many plants, it’s also worth hiring a gardening consultant, at least during the initial installation of your garden, as this will help you determine which soils work best for which plant.

A Luxury Touch

A garden is a way to add natural beauty to your home, especially in urban settings that are lacking in greenery. However, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of boutique designer furniture to complement your beautiful flowers. It will give you and your guests a relaxing place to sit and soak up your surroundings.

Think about outfitting your balcony or patio with the classic teak designs from Curran, a world-class boutique furniture designer based out of Seattle. If you want modern design elements that provide a beautiful contrast to the wild beauty of your balcony garden, consider Dedon Outdoor Furniture. This German designer just opened its flagship store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, and offers up plenty of different collections to fit any taste.

Ultimately, a garden balcony or patio is a great way to bring unique design to a very important part of your home. Think about some of these design tips and you should be well on your way to having your own great looking balcony or patio garden.