How To Deck Out Your Home Gym in Miami

Posted on June 16th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How To Deck Out Your Home Gym in Miami

How to Deck Out Your Home Gym in Miami

Residents of Miami, Florida, love the city for its year-round summer weather, its particular pulse and energy and the warm, friendly vibe. It’s a beautiful city that draws in all kinds of people with its versatile population and plethora of entertainment options. You can find world-class museums, luxury restaurants, night clubs and concerts anytime you wish! And of course, many people flock here for the beach.

Considering that Miami’s beaches are such hot spots, it’s no wonder that looking good is a top priority for Miami natives. Many people opt to join gyms. However, if you have the space, creating a home gym is an even better option. That way you don’t have to worry about walking or driving to a workout spot; you can make the gym a part of your own luxury lifestyle! Here are some great additions for your home gym.

Weight Machines

If you have a home gym, it’s a good idea to purchase a weight machine. The Vectra 1450 is a great option for a multi-functional home gym. Its compact size means that it can fit comfortably in your gym and leave you plenty of room to move around it and work out. It offers a full weight stack and ability to do a great amount of upper and lower body exercises to train both large and small muscle groups. It’s a great way to get in a full-body workout without missing any areas, and you can own this machine for $3,235.

Elliptical Machine

True makes a CS400 Elliptical machine that combines durability and performance with a sleek and sexy design. Its compact size allows you to keep it in small spaces without taking up too much floor space. Ellipticals are a great way to get exercise because they train a number of different muscle groups without putting excess strain on any area of the body. The CS400 has a unique Cardio 360 programming that acts like a personal trainer, as well, pushing you to achieve the best results! You can have one in your own Florida home for $6,499.


The Lifecore R100 Rower is one of the best on the market. Rowing is an ultimate full-body workout all on its own and being able to use a rowing machine at home will get your body into shape right away! Lifecore makes great products that stand up to the test of time, and the R100 is no different. Plus, it has extra workout and training features that make sure you stay on track with your fitness goals. This model costs $1,299.


The elliptical is a great everyday workout machine, but sometimes you want to have a little variation. If your gym has enough room, it’s a good idea to have a treadmill as well. The  Bodyguard T460XC treadmill is perfect for a home gym as it is super quiet when you’re using it and also has a small design. It’s decked out with extra features that will help you maximize your exercise efforts. You can even install a small TV so you can watch movies while you run! The Bodyguard T460XC costs $4,999.

Once you have the big components in place, you can start to add in other gym accessories. Having a stretching mat is essential and you might want to think about a ceiling fan or some other type of ventilation as the machines and movement can tend to make a room heat up quickly!