How to Plan For a Luxury Vacation in the Florida Keys

Posted on September 22nd, by admin in Lifestyle.

How to Plan For a Luxury Vacation in the Florida Keys

The allure of the Florida Keys can probably be attributed to the laid-back ambiance, pristine turquoise waters, sea fish, and abundance of water-sports activities that many fall in love with. Time just seems to stand still when surrounded by crystal clear water. However, this doesn’t mean you should have a laid-back attitude about planning a vacation to this little corner of paradise. A bit of forward planning to secure that perfect hotel and a host of activities will ensure you can sample the best of a trip to the Florida Keys.

Where to Stay

There’s an abundance of luxury accommodations available in the Florida Keys to suit a range of tastes. You will find everything from classic, luxury beachside resorts to chic boutique hotels. Here are a few of our recommendations:


Orchid Key Inn: At the heart of the action in Old Town, Key West is the 24-room Orchid Key Inn. This mid-century hotel exudes a cozy and upscale vibe, surrounded by a tropical, landscaped poolside garden that makes it perfect for those who prefer and understated, but luxurious elegance.


Pier House Resort & Caribbean Spa: This secluded oasis of calm and luxury is just a stone’s throw from Key West’s lively Duval Street. Widely considered as one of the premier resorts in the Florida Keys, the Pier House Resort offers outstanding cuisine, nightly entertainment and a relaxing spa.


Marquesa Hotel: This charming and historic hotel is one of Key West’s finest. It received recognition from Conde Nast Traveler magazine and Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the best places to stay worldwide. Opened in 1884, The Marquesa Hotel is one of the oldest establishments in the Florida Keys.


Hawks Cay Island Resort: Located halfway between Key Largo and Key West on Duck Key, Hawks Cay Island Resort is a self-contained and secluded luxury getaway spot that is perfect for family vacations. It features West Indies decor in classic pastel shades and a host of upscale amenities.


What to Do

While the Florida Keys are the perfect vacation spot for unwinding and taking it easy, there are a number of fun and exciting things to do in and around the islands for the more actively inclined.

Scuba Diving

The Florida Keys are home to some of the only coral reefs found in the United States. It’s an ideal scuba-diving destination for both beginners and experts alike, with some of the best coral reefs found around Key Largo. Located within the boundaries of the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary is the John Pennekamp State Park, an underwater paradise where scuba-diving tours are available.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Chartering a fishing boat is one of the most popular activities in the Florida Keys. This will give you the opportunity to catch some impressive deep-sea fish such as marlins, kingfish, sailfish and wahoos. There are many luxury high-end yachts or vessels ready here to charter all over the surrounding ocean of the Florida Keys.

Key West Nightlife

An evening in Key West is the perfect time to enjoy a cocktail in one of the many trendy bars that have popped up in recent years. Orchid Bar is a small, sleek and exclusive establishment, which attaches to the Orchid Key Inn, and it offers cocktails using seasonal ingredients, homemade syrups and cordials. Point 5 Lounge is one of the trendiest spots that’s located on the second floor of a Victorian mansion from the year 1850, and DJs play there throughout the week. Point 5 Lounge is part of Nine One Five restaurant and features a rare collection of international wines that you can enjoy under the stars, thanks to their outdoor-dining options.