Luxurious Florida Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted on February 6th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxurious Florida Outdoor Living Spaces

Florida is aptly nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” but this southern beauty offers much more than just great weather. It’s home to one of the largest national parks in the country, is surrounded by sweeping beaches on all sides, is home to graceful sea creatures like manatees, and is even peppered with thousands of gorgeous lakes. Anyone who wants to find a luxurious place to live only a few feet from incredible nature and open spaces need only look in Florida.

Life on the Golf Course

Florida’s near-perfect climate and ample sunshine make it an ideal location for some of the world’s best golf courses. A home built along the boundaries of an elite golf course can be a dream come true for a golf fan or someone who craves open spaces and lovely views of nature.

Imagine luxuriating just steps from some of the most difficult holes in the world. Professional golf’s biggest stars hone their craft just beyond residents’ backyards in neighborhoods near the Southern Dunes Country Club or the World Woods Golf Club.

Sail-Up Homes in Key West

No sailing enthusiast or water lover could feel anything but pampered after a few days in Florida’s Key West, a chain of islands stretching off the southernmost tip of the peninsula. The region inspired much of Ernest Hemingway’s work. It’s not hard to see why. A quick look over the ocean at sunset will bring out the writer in anyone.

Key West’s calm seas are teeming with life, from big game fish like marlin and tuna to clown fish darting around coral reefs. Most homes along the shoreline are equipped to handle several boats, and a yacht, sailboat, or fishing vessel will feel right at home on the sun-drenched beaches. After a long day fishing, residents spend the evening trading stories and sipping cocktails in five-star restaurants or at sandy beach bars.

Life on the Lake

In Florida, being on the water doesn’t have to mean living on the ocean. The state’s thousands of low-lying lakes offer spectacular scenery and cool escapes from the hassles and heartaches of modern life. Life on Florida’s lakes is full of beautiful sunsets, peaceful strolls to the docks and lazy afternoons spent playing on the boat and in the water.

The plentiful water and moderating influence of a large lake make it a great place for cultivate your green thumb. Many of Florida’s elite homes feature incredible sprawling flower gardens. Some gardeners compete in the state’s many flower competitions to see who can grow the perfect rose or iris.

Southern Mansions in the Panhandle

Although the state is more often associated with Cuban- and Caribbean-influenced Miami, the northern part of the state still shares the culture of the Deep South. Many of the manors in the state’s panhandle feel like a blast from the past. Their immaculate gardens and Doric columns recall a storied history, now whispered by the frogs and insects of the surrounding fields.

These homes, or more accurately “estates,” feature timeless architecture and design. Most include spacious open floor plans perfect for entertaining guests and serving a delicious southern dinner. Best of all, the grounds around these palaces allow owners maximum flexibility. It’s quite common to see two newlyweds walking down the aisle in these pristine gardens.