Luxury Boats: A Look at the High Life on the High Seas

Posted on April 29th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxury Boats: A Look at the High Life on the High Seas

A luxurious lifestyle can be filled with the richest of freedoms. A true opportunity to live life on a whole new level.  For some, this might manifest as a beautiful custom home or maybe the ability to venture out into the world in ways only a select few ever could.  Today, we’re taking to the open water to explore the nautical universe of luxury boats. We’ll explore this sumptuous world in ways that are sure to not only impress the novice boats man, but the seasoned sailor as well.

Sunreef Yachts: 90 Ultimate Catamaran
This carbon fiber and glass panel “superstructure” offers optimal illumination and a panoramic view of the sky. Fit with 162 square feet of solar panels, an internal saloon comes complete with a full galley, and an external spa designed to include a bar and lounge the  90 Ultimate Catamaran is the ultimate compatriot to both its passengers and the eco-system.

Riva’s 122 Foot Flagship Mythos
With almost two centuries of building Italian boats the Riva Yachts Company has done it again with this truly impressive stunner, cristened the Mythos. Known for their use of a classic wood design, Riva’s newest and largest vessel to date is a 122 foot pinnacle of luxury. This boat boasts enough aristocratic accommodations to comfortably lodge up to ten ocean adventurers in a custom layout that can include anywhere from three to five cabins. Want to get off the boat for a little fun? There are two garage accesses built-in to the platform that contain both a Jet Ski and sixteen foot tender.

Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake
This twenty foot concept speed boat has the signature feel of its Jaguar maker, but a design that is entirely new and exciting form. This classy piece of eye candy features a gel coated fiberglass hull, carbon-fiber fin, and three seat design. Add a chrome propeller; grey on teak color scheme, and the fact that Jaguar actually doesn’t plan to manufacturer them for the public makes this show stopper, truly just for show.

Microsoft’s Paul Allen’s Octopus Yacht
Not only is this remarkable mammoth of a ship stocked full of every amenity you could ever need, it comes complete with its own internally stored 66 foot submarine. But that is not all. I has a second remote-controlled sub and an equally impressive count of seven tenders that includes a luxury 63 footer. Housed in a private berth at the International Yacht Club in Antibes this 414 foot mega-vessel also has twin helicopter pads, a pool, and a multi-deck layout.

Billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse
Renowned to be the most “completely-over-the-top” luxury mega-yachts, the Eclipse was built by Blohm & Voss with an original price tag of a whopping $785 million. Measuring in at 531.5 feet makes this monster ship the largest yacht in the world by about 1.5 feet. (The “Dubai” owned by Sheikh Mohammed comes in second measuring only 530 feet.) Add to that impressive statistics that the Eclipse has a 5,000 square foot master cabin, 24 guest quarters, two swimming pools, a full dance club, two helicopter pads, a live garden, and mini sub and all you’re missing now is its own area code.

From the luxuries at sea to those more permanent luxuries on land, your personal tastes and priorities will inform every purchase you make.