luxury décor

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luxury décor

Transform your living space into a bastion of luxury with carefully selected décor reflecting the very best in fine taste and high quality. Create an opulent lifestyle with thoughtful insight applied towards the selection of each and every detail of the décor in your livable environment .Luxury décor exudes elegance and refinement providing personal enjoyment, eminence and worth. From white marble floors to original Picasso paintings, price is not an option when it comes to luxury décor.

Original Art
Enhance the ambiance of luxury in your home with original artworks strategically positioned in places of prominence above a fireplace or in a great room. One-of-kind originals reflect an appreciation of the fine arts and the exclusivity of the ameliorate effects found in life. Buy original art from a reputable gallery or from an artist directly. Be sure to spend whatever it takes to properly display and mount with museum quality your artwork from drawings and paintings to sculptures. If you have the means then invest in masterworks by greats such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Matisse, Degas and Picasso. Contemporary artist to consider for home exhibition include Bruce, Nauman, Gerhard Richter, Gillian Wearing, Ansel Adams or Jasper Johns. Forgo any temptation to adorn your walls with copies of an original or stock print.

Luxury collectibles often offer high price yet intimate meaning to the owner as well as fascinating conversation starters for any room and matchless for their exclusivity. Collectibles run the gamut from tiny exclusive die cast Lamborghinis by Robert Gulpen, a former Mercedes-Benz engineer to commissioning an original Dale Chihuly or Murano glass chandelier. Spare no expense when displaying your collectible items from extremely rare diamonds such as the Cassell Pink Diamond to fine wines including the Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945 or the Petrus Pomeral, Bordeaux 1945. Do not overcrowd a room with an excess of collectibles: the goal of luxury décor is to exhibit a balance of good taste combined with spectacular originality and meticulous selection.

Sumptuous Furnishings
Epitomize the ultimate in luxury décor with stylish furnishings from beautifully preserved antiques to modern styles. Depending on your personal taste, luxury furniture comes in an assortment of diverse materials including wood, whole grain leather, silk, satin and velvet. Luxury furniture décor is available in every form including traditional, transitional, rustic, urbane, colonial, art deco, modern contemporary and eclectic. Choose high quality furniture that best represents your personal style and tastes including the basics such as couches and tables. Make sure your furniture choices complement all elements of the room including size, shape and color. For a modern home choose the Ruijssenaars magnetic floating bed, the Plumebanche diamond encrusted sofa or the Parnian desk, a custom desk made of six kind of wood.

Architectural Elements
Add luxury décor into unobtrusive places and perfectly blended into the home environment. By adding a simple upscale decorative touch or ornamental flair to a room lends a sense of class to an otherwise mundane area such as a lighting, plumbing or cabinets. Reinvent a boring room and make it distinctive with a variety of luxury architectural elements include custom cherry crown molding, light switch covers bejeweled with Swarovski crystals, Macassar ebony hardwood floors, a vintage Tapriz carpet, and a fresh coat of Fine Paints from Europe paint in Guggenheim colors. Spend a little more in the smallest of details for a luxury décor look.