Luxury kitchens

Posted on May 28th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxury kitchens

When you are shopping for a home, one room that carries a lot of weight in your decision is the kitchen. It is the heart of the home, and we all have strong ideas about what makes a kitchen great. Cooks want well-equipped work spaces; party-planners want lots of room for guests to sit and circulate; and families want a warm and welcoming place to hang out, prepare food, and eat together. Regardless of how you plan to use your kitchen, you will want it to be designed with quality and style.

In keeping with the proportion of the rest of the house, the kitchen will generally be large and spacious. Your guests should be able to move easily from the kitchen to the dining area and other public parts of the house. An open-concept kitchen will allow the cook to mingle with guests while preparing food and drinks.

Luxury houses are showcases that encourage entertaining, and the kitchen is an integral part of that. A designer kitchen will reflect current design trends. Celebrity designers such as Martyn Lawrence Bullard are creating kitchens with a mix of different finishes and styles, integrating the sleekness of granite and stainless steel with the warm of natural materials such as leather and wood. Such an eclectic approach will prevent your kitchen from looking dated too quickly and will allow you to switch elements as trends change. Look for these hallmarks of a well-designed kitchen.

Organization and Storage

  •     The latest storage trends feature pullouts for recycling and garbage, canned goods, or whatever you want to have close at hand and easily accessible.
  •     Be sure there is generous storage space, including a pantry, one or more large refrigerators and freezers, and well-organized and easily-accessible storage for pots and pans, dishes, and small appliances.

Natural Materials

  •     Natural materials such as granite and marble are most popular for countertops and floors. Concrete for counters and floors was popular for a while, but has been replaced with the richer look of natural stone.
  •     Cabinets should be custom designed and built specifically for the kitchen. Shaker-style solid-wood cabinetry in light-colored woods such as maple and birch are being used in the latest kitchens.


  •     New, and gaining in popularity, are induction cooktops, double ovens, and commercial-style refrigerators and freezers. Look for appliances of the highest standard, manufactured by the best companies in the world. Sub-Zero specializes in innovative refrigeration technology, Wolf brings professional cooking equipment to your kitchen, Aga is renowned for its gas ranges, and Miele and Bosch produce the highest-rated dishwashers. To outfit your kitchen from one source, look at La Cornue and Gaggenau, two companies that a produce complete line of exquisite appliances and fittings.
  •     The renewed interest in garbage disposals and trash compactors reflects our need to manage garbage and recycling more effectively.

Separate Work and Serving Areas

  •     There should be more than one workstation, each with its own sink and counter, so that several cooks can work at the same time.
  •     A beverage center with its own refrigerator, sink, and wine storage will allow family members to get their own drinks without getting in the way of the cook.
  •     If you entertain a lot, a large island with enough room for guests to sit comfortably while the cook works is a nice way to include everyone.

Finding your perfect home with your perfect kitchen might take some time. Look for the components that will make your new kitchen function best for you and your family. If you can, work with the designer to include unique and personal features. Most of all, don’t be discouraged but keep looking, and you will find the luxury home with the kitchen of your dreams.