Luxury living in Florida

Posted on April 9th, by admin in Lifestyle, Real Estate.

Luxury living in Florida

Florida boasts some of the most exclusive real estate stretches in the United States with areas like west palm beach and  Naples, which has more millionaires per capita than Beverly Hills, this sunshine state as it has come  to be known as one of the best places  you can live in the US. Most of Florida is surrounded by the sea giving the whole state a lot of beach front properties, this and the fact that most of Florida has a tropical climate making it a hotspot for a myriad of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities such as golf, fishing, boating, scuba diving and skydiving are among the past time favorites for most Florida’s elite.

Florida has  numerous attractions among which are the state’s  popular beaches  such as Miami’s South Beach, Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach and Vero Beach other attractions include SeaWorld Orlando, Universal Studios Orlando, Florida keys, Disney world and the famous Kennedy space center.

The general  Florida area has an astounding number of golf courses with close to 1300 golf courses in the state, choosing the best can be a daunting task. One of the most luxurious golf course resorts in Florida is the Hammock Beach Resort, located on a two mile strip of Atlantic shoreline, the Hammock Beach Resort is in a league of its own. Some of the amenities in the resort include luxury accommodations, a full-service luxury spa, world-class dining, two championship golf courses, a water park, miles of beach, and several tennis courts.

Florida also has some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the United States one of which is Miami Beach. Miami Beach, located on a series of several natural and man-made barrier islands, is home to the art Deco district. The art Deco district has the largest collection of art Deco architecture anywhere in the world comprising of various hotels, condos, and large apartment complexes.

Miami Beach annually hosts the Art Basel Miami Beach, which is arguably one of the largest art shows hosted anywhere in the United States. Hosted mainly in December this art show brings together artists and art enthusiasts from North America, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe showcasing art pieces from the world’s leading galleries.

From its beautiful beaches, eye catching architecture, warm tropical climate and rich heritage to its beautiful people Florida has a lot to offer  anyone wishing to visit  or make  this sunshine state their permanent home.