Luxury Travel: Moscow to Vegas – Places to Go and the Things to Do

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Luxury Travel: Moscow to Vegas – Places to Go and the Things to Do

Begin with Russia
If you are looking for an exotic vacation that has a level of luxury that is unmatched, take a cruise down the Volga River in Russia and see Europe in a manner fit for a monarch! Most excursions allow you to board the ship a day or two before departure, which then gives you ample time for sightseeing and shopping. Your suite will rival any 5-star hotel from the linens on the bed to the amenities on the ship.

Beginning the trip in Moscow allows you to shop one of the most extensive and exclusive shopping districts in the world; Tverskaya Ulitsa (Tverskaya Street.) Here you can find the most incredible jewelry, furs, electronics and food that the world has to offer. For the best in dining that Moscow has to offer, visit Café Pushkin. Don’t let the name fool you; this is a 5-star restaurant that offers an exquisite dining experience. All of the traditional Russian foods as well as choices from around the world. The staff is dressed in the uniform of 19th century servants and diners are treated as royalty. Catering to both travelers and the business elite, Café Pushkin is always open and is one restaurant you don’t want to miss while in Moscow. It’s located just off Tverskaya Ulitsa on Tverskoy Bul’var, close to the Pushkin statue.

Once you depart from Moscow, you will find yourself in another world entirely. Beginning with your sumptuous suite on the river to the stops along the way, you are in unparallelled luxury. The dining is exceptional with dinners that start with caviar and the finest champagne followed by main courses of traditional Russian fare such as Beef Stroganoff made with filet mignon. Desserts range from simple fruits and cheese to Strawberries Romanov served flambé!

The stops made during the trip offer something for everyone. History and photography buffs can take in the sights and historical tours, those who want to shop can find locally made one-of-a-kind items that will serve as a lasting memory of their excursion. Those more gastronomically inclined will find a sampling of the finest local cuisine available at each stop.

Head to Europe
Speaking of gastronomically inclined, if you are looking for the finest dining in Europe, consider a trip to the Burgundy region of France. This area is known for the finest wines as well as being the home of Dijon, the world famous mustard.

Accommodations in the area range from private rentals to 5-star hotels that are the envy of Europe. In Dijon, The Hotel Du Palais is a magnificent choice. From the amenities to the personal service and recommendations, you will be made to feel that you are not only their most important guest but also their only guest.

While the dining is entirely above reproach with everything from quaint café’s to formal restaurants, you will need something to fill the time between meals.

The Ducal palace, once the home to royalty, is now one of the finest art museums in the world. There are also walking tours for those inclined to history or photography. If you are looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the sights, take them in from a cruise on the canal. For the shopper the open-air markets are the big attraction. Considered one of the largest open-air markets in the world, the open-air market stretches along the banks of the canal and offers one of the most diverse selections of goods imaginable. Be sure to pick up some of the locally made Dijon mustard as well as locally made wines. The bakers and pastry makers also sell their goods in the market making it possible to have breaks during a marathon-shopping spree.

Stay local in Las Vegas, Nevada
If you are looking for something a bit more domestic to add to your list of travels, consider a trip to Las Vegas. While everyone thinks of gambling when it comes to a trip to what is arguably the gambling center of the world, you can actually spend months in the city without ever entering a casino.

The hotel accommodations in Law Vegas are legendary and much has been made of the high-roller suites. What few realize is that there are hotels that cater to the luxury holiday traveler instead of the gambler. These suites offer everything from personal attendants to in-room private swimming pools! For the ultimate Las Vegas experience, try the Bellagio Hotel. The Bellagio is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and the views are incredible. The staff is trained to perfection and the amenities include everything you can think of and a few you probably never dreamed about. Expect the best and you will not be disappointed.

Instead of gambling, there is a plethora of shows to take in and many cannot be found anywhere else in the world; excellent Broadway productions are also available. When you get hungry, you have a choice of any cuisine on earth while vacationing in Las Vegas. Everything from the basest American fast-food to the native dishes from nations that you may have never heard of in the past but will likely not forget in the future, finding exactly what you want to eat is never a problem in this city.

Shopping in Las Vegas is the stuff of legends. There is little, if anything, that you cannot buy in this city. Jewelry, exclusive clothing by renowned designers to cars and electronics, it’s for sale in Vegas. Las Vegas is also the yearly site of the Consumer Electronics Show which gives even the technologically inclined a reason to stay for a while. Often electronics make their U.S. debut in Las Vegas.

Unparallelled luxury can be yours in just about any region of the world; you just have to know where to look!