Sustainable Florida Cooking

Posted on November 7th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Sustainable Florida Cooking

Sustainable cooking is all the rage these days and Florida isn’t one to miss out on a trend. Sustainable cooking means using seasonal ingredients that come from a garden or from a local farmer’s market and many people are looking to it because it is a health-conscious and environmentally friendly way to eat. Also, seasonally fresh ingredients tend to have the best flavors and make the most delicious dishes. Another reason people love sustainable cooking is because you end up eating foods as the earth is naturally producing them, which is good for our bodies and minds. In winter, the fresh vegetables are heartier, root vegetables like turnips and beets, while in spring they are lighter, such a asparagus, lettuce and lemons.

There are a number of sustainable restaurants in Florida that will leave you wondering why you don’t always eat only local foods. The options vary, too, from straight up standard American food to more exotic and inventive fare. Whatever your tastes are, you can find something delicious, elegant and sustainable in Florida. Here are a few of the best offerings out there.

Luma on Park
Luma on Park is a beautifully designed restaurant with a sophisticated air and a grand opulence to the dining area. Located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, FL, the restaurant serves wonderful food from the best farms locally and all over the country. They get produce from Rabbit Run Farm and 3 Boys Farm — just to name a few. Dairy comes mostly from Dakin Dairy and Lake Meadow Farm and protein and grains come from some of the best Farms and Mills nearby. Stop in here for a lite bite or a grand feast – you won’t be disappointed either way.

Napa at the Peabody
Napa is an exquisite restaurant located in the world-renowned Peabody hotel, famous for its resident ducks that have been trained to march down to the main hall every morning at 10am! It takes its inspiration from California’s wine country and brings fine wine and elegant cuisine all the way over to Orlando. They use organic, sustainable, farm-to-table foods in all of their dishes and its evident in the flavor. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, complete with dark wood and dimly-lit, romantic tables. Get a seat by the window for a view of the beautiful pool.

Eating house Miami
Located in Coral Gables in Miami, the Eating House is a restaurant that pays excruciating attention to food. The feel of it, the look, the taste, the smell, the atmosphere in which you eat it – not a single detail has been overlooked and dining here is truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. The restaurant is tiny and has a small menu. But they keep it small for a reason. The menu changes every single day and they only use the best, freshest ingredients they can find. The ambience is casual – more of a hipster Brooklyn vibe than upscale elegance, but the food will charm anyone who walks in the door.
3030 Ocean
3030 Ocean is a unique and creative restaurant that churns out amazing food with exotic and inventive flavor combinations. The beautiful space will dazzle you – it’s an oceanfront bistro that lit with the glow of candlelight. The new American cuisine never misses and their menu is constantly updated and renewed. The head chef lived in Florence, Italy for a while and he learned all about European cooking techniques and an appreciation for fresh, sustainable food. One trip here might make this your new favorite restaurant.