Where to Have a Business Dinner in Orlando

Posted on October 15th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Where to Have a Business Dinner in Orlando

Where you host your business dinner can be just as important as what you talk about during the meeting. You want to ensure that you make a good impression on your clients, so choosing a luxurious place with the proper environment is of utmost importance when it comes to sealing a deal. A restaurant can be an excellent place to connect with a business partner or a group of clients, while simultaneously enjoying a relaxing evening, awesome food, and a lovely atmosphere.

Depending on your business agenda, you might want to choose a restaurant with a distinct atmosphere. Luckily there are plenty of places in and around Orlando that make great matches for whatever type of meeting you have in store. Here are some of the best spots in all of Orlando to host an outstanding business meeting.

Christner’s Steak House

Christner’s Steak House is a great place for romantic dinner dates, but it also houses eight private dining rooms that are ideal for business meetings — especially if your colleagues are steak lovers. You can find everything from mouth-watering porterhouses to shrimp cocktails on this menu, and this restaurant’s juicy cuts of red meat are not to be missed.

Morton’s Steakhouse

If you’re planning more of a technical meeting, you might want to check out Morton’s Steakhouse. This restaurant offers state-of-the-art A/V equipment and Wi-Fi so you can hook up a serious presentation to impress your clients and dazzle them with your business-savvy ways. The food here is sensational, too, so you can enjoy fantastic main courses of chicken, steak, and fish along with a respectable wine list to complement your meal and presentation.


Antonio’s is the perfect place to check out if you want more of a relaxing evening than a buttoned-up business vibe. You can have a private table set up and enjoy a quiet hum of background music and voices as you dine and talk shop. The Italian menu offers delectable selections like beef tenderloin carpaccio and entrees are accompanied by a substantial wine list.


This restaurant is located in the Hyatt Grand Cypress, so it’s the perfect place to host a dinner if you have clients staying in the area. The famous writer had many fishing expeditions that passed through this part of town, and it appears in many of his writings. You’ll find many of “Papa’s” favorite foods and drinks here, and comfortable private dining tables for your meetings.

Roy’s Orlando

This restaurant serves authentic Pacific-Rim cuisine and exquisite cocktails. It’s always busy and most of the tables are filled with business executives hosting meetings, so make sure to call ahead for a reservation if you have a big party. Try the filet mignon or grilled tiger prawns for a special treat.

Business dinners in Orlando are becoming more and more popular, and more places are opening up in order to cater to this new clientele. Try one of these spots to make a splash with your colleagues and clients, and enjoy delicious cuisine while you discuss important work matters. Depending on what you need, you can find spots that have full A/V setups with Wi-Fi, or a more formal dining setting where the focus will be on conversations with clients instead of presentations.