Why you should own your own plane

Posted on May 28th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Why you should own your own plane

Air travel has become such a normal part of our lives. We fly for business, and we fly for leisure. The unfortunate truth about commercial air travel in today’s world is that is has become less of a pleasure and more of a hassle. One way to get back the pleasure of flying is to own your own plane. This may seem like a luxury, but if you look at the reality of air travel and the benefits of plane ownership, you may come to the conclusion that owning your own plane just makes sense. Consider these reasons for owning a plane:

  •     You avoid all the big airport, big airline hassles. Early arrival at the airport, crowded lounges, long lines, invasive security checks, restrictions on luggage and, once you’re finally on the plane, cramped seating, bad food, and stale air all add up to make commercial air travel time-consuming and unpleasant.
  •     Your trip might well be shorter. If you don’t live close to a large, well-serviced airport, or you need to travel to smaller cities and towns, the direct route in your own plane will likely save you both time and money. It’s much easier to land at a small community airfield than to arrive at the closest big-city airport, rent a car, and drive to your final destination.
  •     You can avoid traffic jams. When traveling shorter distances, if you choose to drive rather than fly, you will spend long hours in traffic. A small plane could reduce that trip by many hours and a great deal of stress.
  •     You will impress your clients. If you use your plane for business travel, you might be able to cement your relationships with your clients by taking them up for a ride.
  •     You will gain the ultimate luxury – freedom. You will give yourself and your family the freedom to travel when you want, go exactly where you want, and stay as long as you want.

Once you’ve decided to join the world of private plane ownership, your next step is to choose what type of plane you want to purchase. Options include single-owner planes, planes that are co-owned with other pilots, and fractional jet ownership. The most popular plane for a single owner or a group of two to ten pilots is the a single-engine piston plane. Highly-rated planes in this category are Mooney, Piper, Cessna, and Cirrus. This type of plane varies in size from two to six passengers, and maximum flight range can be anywhere from 240 to 2,400 nautical miles. If you only fly occasionally, owning a single-engine plane with a couple of other light-duty users lets you share costs and maintenance. A small group usually operates fairly hassle free once the terms of ownership are in place, but it’s a good idea to get to know the other pilots before you join.

Of course, to fly a small plane you need to have a pilot’s license. If you don’t want to be a pilot, there is another way to own a plane that offers all the benefits mentioned above, and several others. With shared jet ownership, you are free of maintenance and storage concerns – you only have to call and book your flight. Shared jet ownership is actually fractional ownership of a small jet that guarantees you a certain number of hours of access to a plane in the fractional company’s fleet. Companies in this business include Netjets, Flight Options, and Flexjet.

When you consider all the benefits of plane ownership, especially the fun you and your family will have flying anywhere at a moment’s notice, the luxury of owning your own plane can also be a sensible travel solution.